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I'm passionate about helping you come out of your head and fully into your heart!  Ahai 7D will remove blocks and allow the energy to flow freely so your body will naturally heal, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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What is Ahai 7D?

       Melissa is an Ahai practitioner and intuitive channel that uses a unique blend of natural technology and high vibrational energy to clear, charge, and empower you to LIVE your  beautiful life.

     Our body is designed to heal naturally. Unfortunately, are thoughts, words and action along with modern conveniences that are full of toxic chemicals block us for living are best life in optimal health. Stomach and brain health go hand in hand, what we eat directly effects are brain health. What we watch on TV, social media and the music we listen are factors as well. When we Remove the clutter, we can start to listen to our bodies again. One day soon, we will intuitively know when our body is out of harmonics and be able to self-adjust. Until that time many of us are here to help clear, charge and empower you to know yourselves.

Melissa has created a blend of Ahai energy clearing along with high frequency music, pacifically charged crystals, water that works for you and essential oils to raise your vibration. keep your vibration high to alien your body into harmony and live a healthy and prosper in all areas of life.    

Disclaimer, this type of healing is not for all. There are no guarantees. You are welcome to try the pharmaceutical route to slow the disease of dementia. There have been many books published about reversing Alzheimer's, if you are willing to make all of the changes. 

Our Services


Cognitive Health

This program is designed to target symptoms of Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Vascular, Lewy Body, Frontotemporal.



Cognitive Health


Take action when the symptoms start! Forgetting more often, difficulty in daily decision making, depression, anxiety, change in personality.



Cognitive Health

This program targets symptoms of Dementia; Frontotemporal, Parkinson, Vascular, Lewy Body, Frontotemporal.



Hey Guys, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my sessions have been going with Melissa. I didn't  know if the activation would come through without being in the room with her. I've slept so much better the past few nights. I can feel the energy, energy that last threw the day and doesn't short out like my coffee! I will continue to work with Melissa and I believe in this technology.

Heather Pickerel


The amazing experience of my healing with Melissa was quite moving and profound. I felt clarity and focus on different parts of my body most notably my throat chakra and my lower left lumbar and hip region. My energy was focused and energized by this whole experience. I will be continuing this healing work. Melissa is a gifted healer and nurturer and I encourage others to share in this magnificent experience.                                              Kim G


Hello everyone!!

This is my page and I'm thankful that you're here. I have had the privilege of studying energy activations from the most talented people. Ahai 7D was gifted to Christina Rice then passed it along to me. I must say the most Loving & highest vibrational form of energy I've used. 

If you have question, please send me a message.

Sending Love

Melissa Hart

Our Services


Have a question about one of my sessions or don't see a time that works please reach out.  

No guarantees No refunds

This service is not a medical replacement.

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